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Health Promotion Game Collection

It is important that people with learning disabilities have the opportunity to learn about staying healthy and looking after themselves. The games in the Learning Disability Health Promotion Collection promote interaction and discussion around key areas of health, giving people with learning disabilities the chance to take more responsibility for their health.

These games were developed by Learning Disability leads at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and Berkshire Healthcare Trust. Each game offers a memorable and engaging opportunity to discuss aspects of health and personal safety, providing important messages about health in a simple and understandable way. The games prompt conversations between the group and empower players to make choices and decisions about their health and wellbeing, based on discussions during the game.

Games in the collection:

Healthy Living

Players learn about looking after themselves and the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. Encourages players to think about the impact of activities such as smoking, using sun protection and drinking alcohol, and understand how to make positive lifestyle choices.

Healthy Eating

Helps players to understand the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet, and how to make healthy choices. Encourages discussion about different types of foods, and the benefits of eating well.

Heart and Lungs

Helps players to understand what their heart and lungs do, and how health and lifestyles choices can affect their function. Promotes conversations about how to look after your heart and lungs through having a balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Home Safe… or are you?

Raises awareness of safety and helps players think about how to keep safe both at home and in their daily life in the community. It encourages players to talk about personal safety, security at home and avoiding accidents.

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